Thursday, January 27, 2011

DSP & reps for 3 KARA members meet for 8 hours, decide to continue activities as 5

KARA’s agency, DSP Media, and the representatives for three of the group’s members (Kang Jiyoung, Jung Nicole, Han Seungyeon) met for a second round of negotiation talks regarding the existing schedule and group members.

In a news item released on January 27th, it was revealed that as a result of the second talks, KARA will remain as a five-member group and will work together to continue their scheduled activities.

DSP Media representatives said, “The reached agreement for the five members to work together was in order to not cause problems for the scheduled activities.” Adding on, “In a restaurant in Gangnam, Seoul, the CEO of DSP and the parents of Kang Jiyoung, Jung Nicole, and Han Seungyeon met for the first time since the dispute occurred and talked for 8 hours. Because no negotiations were reached in the last meeting on the 25th between the legal representatives, this meeting was initiated.”

DSP Media continued, “At this meeting, the parents of the three members who were leaving the agency and the DSP Media CEO tried to agree on their demands. Thus, the urgent issue of the existing scheduled activities was resolved.”

Furthermore, DSP Media added, “The results of the issues discussed and plans of future meetings were not determined.”

Source : AllKpop


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